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Inox Line 50-20-300-AI

Continuous conveyor belt furnace with metal muffle for containment of nitrogen and hydrogen controlled atmosphere generated from external deposits for stainless steel solution annealing and brazing of stainless steel parts comes complete with:

Computerized system with winscame program
UPS configuration
Automatic elongation group for conveyor belt with compressed air and alarm signal for belt cutting

Technical characteristics

Maximum working temperature: 1.100°C
Maximum furnace temperature: 1.120°C
Heating zone length: 2600 mm
Conveyor belt width: 500 mm
Usable height: 200 mm
Adjustment zones: 3+3 SCR
Electric supply: 3 x 400 V 50 Hz
Installed power: 80 kW
Average consumption: 65 Kw
Nitrogen pression: 7 bar
Purging nitrogen consumption for 10 minutes at start up and stop: 25 ÷ 30 Nm3/h
Safety nitrogen consumption in case of lack of electric energy : 25 ÷ 30 Nm3/h
Nitrogen working consumption on the barriers: 0,0 ÷ 10,0 Nm3/h
Hydrogen pressure: 7 bar
Hydrogen working consumption: 25 ÷ 35 Nm3/h
Water pressure: 2 bar minimum
Water working consumption: up to 3,0 m3/h a 20°C
Hourly production: 150 kg/h nominal
Conveyor belt speed: up to 1000 mm/min
Load on conveyor belt: up to 25 Kg/linear meter

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