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Inox Line 70-10-220-500-AI-TI

Continuous conveyor belt furnace with metal muffles for containment of nitrogen and hydrogen controlled atmosphere generated from external deposits for solution annealing of stainless steel tubes up to 20m.

Technical characteristics

▸ Maximum working temperature: 1.100°C
Maximum furnace temperature: 1.120°C
Total length: approximately 32 m
Lunghezza precamera: 2200 mm
Heating zone length: 5000 mm
Conveyor belt width: 700 mm
Usable height: 100 mm
Electric supply: 3 x 400 V 50 Hz
Installed power: 300 kW
Working consumption: 196 Kw
Purging nitrogen consumption : up to 50 Nm3/h
Nitrogen working consumption: up to 20 Nm3/h and 16 Nm3/h on the barriers
Hydrogen working consumption: up to 55 Nm3/h
Type of the components to treat: stainless steel tubes
Hourly production in relation to weight / volume of the components: variable
Conveyor belt speed: up to 800 mm/min
Load on conveyor belt: up to 17 Kg/linear meter

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