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The history

Scame was born in the early 1980s to design and build furnaces and industrial equipment for the innovative heat treatment of ferrous, stainless, noble and precious metals. Over more than 30 years of business activity, experience and tradition acquired in the field are combined with new technologies and philosophies generating a blend of tradition and modernity, summarized by the motto “research, experience and create”.

During this time, Scame has invested in the development of equipment that brought the company to the highest European and world levels in the field of innovative treatments such as: braze welding of components made of mild or stainless steel in continuous furnaces in controlled atmosphere, solution annealing of stainless steel components and tubes, bainitic tempering in molten salt baths and annealing of metallic materials.



At the present time

From the very beginning, the company choose the path of production and installation of diversified industrial systems, aimed at the needs of each customer, so as to be able to completely satisfy their needs, always proposing innovative and avant-garde systems.

The philosophy that identifies Scame is based on the continuous search for technological innovation while always maintaining a high level of attention of respect to and for the protection of the environment, as well as plant safety and compliance with regulations.


of our company's

Innovation, research and staff training are a guarantee in terms of professionally qualified human resources, design and processing phases, technical equipment, after-sales technical assistance and business relations.

Particular attention is given to the environment by studying solutions with low environmental impact, energy saving and low consumption thanks to the company’s in-house research and development department. These are the winning factors that still guarantee the growth and reliability of our quality standard.


of the company

The company is well structured with advanced computer systems, a research and development department and a spare parts department organized to quickly reply to customer enquiries.

Sales department follows both the Italian and international markets, and also includes a network of agents and representatives spread all over the world.

Scame manufactures its furnaces in-house working with a team of experts who follow the customer from design to installation, start up and testing. Our Service team is always available to support the customer by giving both telephone support, to provide all the necessary information to avoid production stops and slowdowns, via remote and on-site assistance.

Research and development

Team of


Certification of the quality management system

ISO 9001:2008

Scame forni industriali S.p.A. is a certified company EN ISO 9001: 2015 with registration Kiwa 12986-A.

Scame forni industriali S.p.A. is a trademark ® therefore the company owns its copyright and no duplication of its models, drawings, solutions and mark is allowed.

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