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The history

The company was born in the early 80’s to engineer and manufacture industrial equipment for the innovative heat treatment of mild and stainless steel, noble and precious metals.

The experience and tradition of over thirty years of activity in the fieldwork merge with new technologies and philosophies creating a union between tradition and modernity by the motto «test, research and look at the markets that will tell you where to go and what to do».


At the present time

Scame invested in the quick development of the equipment, taking the company to the highest levels in Europe and Worldwide in the innovative heat treatment industry and in the more requested markets, that is brazing in continuous furnaces in controlled atmosphere with copper and nickel filler for mild steel or stainless steel parts, in the solution annealing of stainless steel parts and tubes, in the austempering and in the annealing of metal materials, usually requested by the new uses of the raw material.


of our company's

Innovation, research and training of the personnel guarantee the compliance with specific parameters. Research and specialization are still the winning features that guarantee growth and accountability of the qualitative standard, offering an always more complete service to our customers.

Always careful about the market evolutions, the companies among its customers include important names, from small companies to the big industry and from engineering companies to process and development firms.

Scame forni industriali spa is dedicated to the always wider development of applied technologies to improve the experiences in all different sectors.

The company is always at the customer’s disposal to offer better reliability in the production of components which require equipment and working areas for heat treatments.

By developing the management and planning through modern computerized systems, the company increased its productivity and quality, and equipped its furnaces with more flexibility and modularity.


of the company

Our company is structured with state-of-the-art IT systems, with bar code automatic warehouse, R&D department and good traceability especially regarding our spare parts.

The sales department is divided into Italy and Export with a wide network of advisers and representatives around the world; we are present on the internet with our official website and in many websites around the world in the Country’s own language.

Our company has about thirty employees and all of them are specialized, since the production of the parts that make up a furnace is contracted the assembly is «just in time».

We are present at all the major European and national fairs as well as at the most important industry convention exhibits.

Research and development

Team of


Certification of the quality management system

ISO 9001:2008

Scame forni industriali S.p.A. is a certified company EN ISO 9001: 2015 with registration Kiwa 12986-A.

Scame forni industriali S.p.A. is a trademark ® therefore the company owns its copyright and no duplication of its models, drawings, solutions and mark is allowed.

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