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Sintering Line

Continuous conveyor belt furnaces in controlled atmosphere of endogas or nitrogen-hydrogen mixture for sintering pressed powder parts such as brake components, brushes for electrical sector and mechanical components, with metal muffle with prechamber for stearate removal, with belt width up to 500 mm and with or without carbon restoration.



Nowadays the application fields of our equipment are developed into several components production sectors and Scame forni industriali S.p.A. is careful about the market needs and about adapting the sintering technology to the necessary application.

Fields of application

Ranges of installations

Several sectors where sintering is applied have been explored, and after many researches, three types of sintering furnaces have been developed:
▸ Sintering of iron or bronze pressed metal powders for various automotive sectors, dampers, filters and very small gears
▸ Sintering of breaks and clutches in continuous furnaces with endothermic controlled atmosphere generated both inside and outside the furnace or with nitrogen-hydrogen atmosphere
▸ Sintering of graphite powder in big parts for various applications with static furnaces and nitrogen-tight boxes with incinerators to burn the compounds generated during the sintering

We are present worldwide with over 100 equipment supplied to different sectors and we customized and innovated each furnace adapting it to the existing productive systems.

Technical characteristics

Heating can be electric or combustion and the inner muffle is made in highly heat resistant materials: these furnaces can be continuous or static with operating temperatures up to 1.150°C.


We manufacture various model as follows:
▸ Continuous conveyor belt furnaces with prechamber to remove the stearates, with or without carbon restoration endothermic controlled atmosphere generated in loco and with ceramic or silicon carbide muffles with belt width up to 450 mm and hourly production 300 Kg
▸ Continuous conveyor belt furnaces with prechamber to remove the stearates, in endothermic controlled atmosphere generated in loco or nitrogen-hydrogen mix with metallic muffle with belt width up to 500mm and hourly production 300 Kg
▸ Static furnaces with boxes for nitrogen containment and incinerator for the combustion fumes with chamber up to 3.000 x 3.000 x 3.000mm and load up to 14.000 Kg

The choice of the furnace depends on the needed hourly production and on the weight-volume ratio of the parts to be treated.

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