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Brazing Line

Continuous conveyor belt furnaces with endogas controlled atmosphere for annealing and brazing of mild steel parts for the automotive, hydraulic, pipe fittings, tubes and several other industries where parts molding and assembly are used.



Nowadays the application fields of our equipment are developed into several plant design sectors, but Scame peculiarity is the ability to adapt the brazing and solution annealing technology to the necessary application.

In the brazing of mild steel parts we have a wide presence of equipment for brazing of iron tubes for the automotive industry and hydraulics fittings where we innovated the furnace manufacturing technology by installing heating also below the conveyor belt, which increases the equipment productivity, allows to treat single parts heavier than usual and drastically reduces the costs of brazing; for this reason we are present in all the major groups worldwide and have supplied over 350 production lines in the last years.

Further development

Options and accessories

Another important development is the possibility to add optional accessories like:

closed circuits for cold water recirculation

temperature profile reading with probe inside the furnace or with reception systems in thermal box

paste dispensers

Technical characteristics

For brazing of stainless steel and LBS parts in endogas controlled atmosphere produced by internal or external generator, we manufacture various models as follows:
▸ Continuous furnaces with flat operation with minimum passage 150 x 70mm up to maximum passage 1.300 x 250mm with operating speed up to 750mm/min. and hourly production up to 750kg
▸ Continuous slight «hump-back» furnaces with minimum passage 500 x 250mm up to maximum passage 700 x 300mm with operating speed up to 500mm/min. and hourly production up to 600kg

The choice of the furnace depends on the needed hourly production and on the weight-volume ratio of the parts to be treated.

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