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Essential service

Our spare parts

Our company is structured with state-of-the-art IT systems, with bar code automatic warehouse, R&D department and good traceability especially regarding the spare parts.

Spare parts are very important for our customer service and our strategy has always been to quickly supply our original spare parts.

Our spare parts office is available to quickly send offers and follow the commercial procedure until the delivery of the spare parts, assisting our customer also in the logistics if necessary.

All spare parts are marked with a code which identifies a single component and the customer can find it in the spare parts list inside the instructions or in the suggested spare parts list when this is requested.



ScameBot is a robot with autonomous movement and remote management, allowing the technician to be linked with the operator or maintenance personnel for a DIAGNOSTICS and SUPPORT service as if they are physically on-site.

• a wide field of view, two cameras, six microphones and an amplifier;
• “Self-Driving” sensors;
• lateral balance stabilizer and ultrasound sensor;
• motorized heigh adjustment;
• battery life 4 hours

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Our support

Our company manages technical customer service directly with our technicians worldwide, making the specialization of our personnel our winning feature.

Our service is made up as follows:

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